Haven been in the blogsphere for 3years, with vast knowledge of PHP, PYTHON, CSS, HTML, i get hired for various online jobs, like writing, blog setup, web designing/developing, SEO setup, Consultation etc.

In a nutshell i make a living from this services i render, This blog is a product of a dream/idea, showing Nigerians and Africans that there is possibility to making legit money online (i once also have this doubt).

The rate at which some bloggers scam fellow Nigerians who want to make money with junks e-books, promising quick money, is alarming i decided to create a medium where i can share my genuine experience and money making tips/tutorials for free, being a tech lover i also write about anything, ranging from reviews, inventions and latest tech news around the globe.

I have another blog other than this one, which has been generating good income for me, since it won’t be adding any value to you money makers i won’t be sharing.

Sharing good/bad experience for the sake of enlightening, is my “modus operandi” in this blog. always visit and stay tuned.