Best $1500 High End Gaming PC Build [Under $2,000] –

Do you think it is possible to own the best high end gaming PC for $1,500?

Yes or No?

Our answer is YES! It is possible to own a $1250 gaming PC build. Pretty cool, right?

The build we discuss here offers the best balance between CPU and GPU power, along with top performing cost-effective parts in every other category.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy maximum frames per dollar without skimping on the stuff everyone else does, like a big solid-state drive and a quality power supply.

The last thing you need at the moment is combing the wrong components into the right body, so we make sure your gaming PC build checks off all the boxes!

The $1,500 High-end Gaming PC build features:

  • An AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X
  • 8 core
  • 160thread CPU that delivers same performance as Intel’s processors on a clock-for-clock basis thanks to its advanced Zen 2 architecture, and vastly undercuts Intel in terms of cost per core.
  • Perfect GPU for 1440p gaming
  • The Zen 2 platform is backed up by the RTX 2070 8GB video card
  • A fast 1TB PCIe solid-state drive and 16GB of high-speed DDR4-3200 RAM.
  • For casing, we are using a sleek tempered glass model from Thermaltake, and the build is cooled by a high-powered cooler from be quiet!
  • The anchor recommended here is a high-efficiency Gold-rated power supply.

Optionally, you can use a pre-built system instead of a DIY build, and you can find our top pick by scroll down a bit! We also recommend checking out our monitor, mouse, and keyboard recommendations at the end of this build if you’d love to accessorize your new build.

We’ve added links all through this article that points to Amazon so your buying experience is guaranteed smooth. The links sends our readers to the desired country they’d love to shop from. Plus, we have manually added links to substitute areas where specific products aren’t available. Your use of these links ensures we continually update this post and provide you with the best information.

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The Best $1500 High-End Gaming Pc Build



  • ABS Gladiator 10700/RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC @Amazon


Don’t have time to build your own, or not willing to wait various components to be delivered or restock? Then you should jump on this cool pre-built system from Amazon. It packs a high-powered Intel Core i7-10700 eight-core, RTX 2070 8GB video card, 16-thread CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB solid-state drive.


Even better!

This PC comes with a mouse and a keyboard too!

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  • CPU:

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @Amazon

AMD’s Zen 2 architecture has created a name for itself in the PC industry. Matching Intel on a clok-for-clock basis but comes with lower power usage and better for the money, the Ryzen 7 3700X is the pefect CPU for the $1500 High-End Gaming PC Build.

The best part?

It is loaded with the most advanced platform in the gaming PC business!


The 3700X comes with a decent cooler, but we advise you get a much quieter one later in this guide.

  • Motherboard:

ASRock B550 PRO4 @Newegg

The 8550 board provides you with the component you’d need to do $1250 gaming PC build for the best value!

It spots a Dual M.2 PCIe slots for high-speed SSDs (one being Gen 4), 4 PCIe slots, and 6 USB ports (Type C-port included).

It’s no wonder this made our list of parts needed to build the best gaming PC build under $2,000.


The B550 boards are sort of cheaper than the B450 boards. This is because it uses the next-gen video cards and features a Gen 4 connectivity for your SSD.

Additionally, the AMD is gradually getting rid of firmware support for future CPUs in older motherboards, so it’s best to go with the newest boards.

  • Video card:

EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super KO 8GB @Newegg

The 2070 Super is the best experience when it comes to getting the best performance per dollar, and this is one of the few you will find in stock.

Plus, when you opt for an EVGA model, you can also make the most of EVGA’s 90-day Step-Up Program, that lets you to trade it in within a timeframe of 90 days for an upgrade to a new RTX 3070 8GB GPU, that arrives in October.

Now, you can game faster and even better!

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You must be a resident of the EU, Canada, US, and must register your card with EVGA within 14 days of purchase to benefit from the Step-Up Program.

  • Space/Memory:

Patriot 2x8GB Viper Steel DDR4-3200

Since apps and games make heavy use of RAM speed on AMD’s latest CPUs, we’re presently recommending a quick DDR4-3200 kit for the $1500 High-End Gaming PC build.

Plus, the Viper steel kit is lower than its competitors and is aesthetically pleasing,


These days, 8GB of RAM for sufficient gaming will fail. This is why we recommend a 2x8GB (16GB) configuration.

  • Solid-State Drive:

XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB NVMe

There are SSD price wars going on in the industry at the moment, and the SX8200 Pro 1TB from XPG is one that outshines the rest.

It tops every SATA drive pitched against it, despite a similar price, this model makes use of the PCIe interface, quick TLC NAND, and an aggressive SLC cache mode for an unbeatable performance under $150!


Note that to affix any M.2 drive to the motherboard, you’ll need a jeweler’s-type screwdriver set.


  • Body Case:

Thermaltake V200 Tempered Glass RGB

The V200 is designed to catch the eye’s attention thanks to its 3 RBG-equipped 120mm fans at the front, that works in corporation with the rear 120mm fan to provide airflow. It also boasts of a tempered glass side panel that provides a great view of the system.


The cases can and will continue to sell on a frequent basis. However, we swap out the link here to continually update you with ONLY available stock.

  • Supply of Power:

Silverstone ET700-MG

The Coronavirus has made a lot of items in online stores to be sold out! But, this 700W Gold-rated unit can actually be ordered and delivered ASAP! It allows you get the most power from your system while still providing you with great efficiency.


You should not try out the knock-offs from no-name manufacturers that are presently flooding the market, like junk from RaidMax, Apevia, GameMax etc.

  • Cpu Cooling Mechanism:

be quiet! Pure Rock 2

You can maximize the performance of this top $1,500 High end gaming PC build by getting this high-powered cooler from be quiet!

The fan is 120mm in size, is quiet and can keep any CPU cool!


Although the system can run on the downdraft cooler that by default comes with the Ryzen, the Pure ROCK 2 upgraded tower will run and cool better.

  • OS (Operating System):

Microsoft Windows 10 Flash Drive

You can argue all you want but Windows 10 is the best OS of all time, and Microsoft keeps making it better, with great feature updates every Fall and Spring.


The Windows 10 in stock at the moment is not available and is sold out. However, you can opt for the downloadable version, available on the same product page, and install it from 8GB or bigger flash drive.

Optional Components

  • Wireless card:

TP-Link Archer T5E AC1200/Bluetooth 4.2

We recommend getting the Archer T5E PCie card to your build if what you need is high-speed 802.11ac wireless networking.

This beats all of the cheap USB adapters on the market.


For better value, this model comes with Bluetooth, which is rare in a WiFi card.


  • The Mainstream Wireless Pc Headset:

HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless

This set of headset is amazing and gives off good sound while playing games.

The Cloud stinger Wireless lets you enjoy good sound quality and freedom! At it’s price point, you won’t regret buying this.


This HyperX has been perfected to produce comfortable, durable yet light weight headsets.



Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard @Newegg

For its price range, this board comes with amazing features that wow you.

No wonder it makes the component for building the best gaming PC build under $2000.

It is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful at the same time and offers great responsiveness plus RBG lighting.


Again, The Logitech’s GHub software is responsible for the control of the lighting on this model



Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless

This mouse from Razer comes with wireless capability and is affordable at the same time.

No doubt the best mouse in its range, this mouse is comfortable, ergonomic, fit and packs in a 16K sensor and of course Razer’s new HyperSpeed wireless system.


It can make one important component that would take your $1500 high end gaming build to a whole new level.

The RGB lighting is no longer there, but given the performance on tap, we think that’s just fine!



This mouse boasts of a 27″ 2560×1440 TN panel capable of a 144Hz refresh rate, and enhanced with frame-syncing technology, this high-end monitor won’t break the bank!

Did we miss anything in this $1,500 high end gaming pc build? Let us know!

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