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Bet9ja Review [BONUS]- Top Mobile/Website Betting Site? –

What if you can get rewarded for your passion?

This is what Bet9ja claims. This post is a Bet9ja review, it would show you whether you should bet or not.

Bet9ja is one of Nigeria’s or perhaps Africa’s biggest betting company.

Incorporated in Lagos by KC Gaming Company, it has penetrated all major cities, suburbs and villages in Nigeria.

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This post is a Bet9ja review, it would show you whether you should bet or not.


To bet with Bet9ja, you have to first of all understand how Bet9ja works.

The most important is knowing its odds system.


Bet9ja odds system is based on the Decimal Odds, which is also known as the European Odds.

Decimals are those numbers that have point in them. For example 3.4 is a decimal and it is pronounced as “three point four”.

This odds is very easy to calculate. It gets the name from the fact that it is used in mostly European countries. Australians and Canadians also use this bet system.

To calculate your payout, you multiply your stake by the odds. In clearer terms:

The Odds X Your Stake = Your Payout

For instance, if you are backing Real Madrid to win with a decimal odds of 1.34 and your stake is $10, your payout would be $13.40. You would go home with $3.40.

The higher your stake, the more you would win. This is common sense though.

Bet9ja made it easy that you would not be doing the calculation yourself.


Except you’re betting in-store, you would need an account to bet on Bet9ja.

An account creation is easy to do, all you have to do is provide your email address. Like you register for any account.

They would send an email to your inbox that you would need to verify.

When you verify the email, you would be welcomed to Bet9ja with a bonus. The bonus would be claimed when you fund your account.


There are various ways that you can fund your Bet9ja account.

The in-store option allow you to fund your account from a Bet9ja shop. This option is free.

Quickteller allow you to fund from your Quickteller account. You would be charged N105 for using this option. You would need to get the Quickteller code for Bet9ja before funding.

You can also fund your Bet9ja account with your debit card. The only card that is accepted is Nigerian debit cards. This option is free.

You can also fund your account by paying directly into Bet9ja bank account.

The easiest way to fund is using your debit card to fund.

The steps are:

  • Navigating to the “My Account” section and select “Deposit”.
  • Select Cards.
  • Insert the amount you want to deposit and select “Next”.
  • Select your card type.
  • Select “Agree with policy and Make Payment”.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

The minimum amount you can deposit is N100.


There are various ways to bet on the Bet9ja platform.

This section of the Bet9ja review would explain them to you so you maximise your chances of winning with Bet9ja.


You can bet on an ongoing contest on Bet9ja.

Until the final whistle, you can choose what will be the outcome of the game.

For instance, if Barcelona is playing Real Madrid, until the final whistle you can predict the outcome of the match.

Same goes for volleyball games, and other sporting events.

Although there are some feature that would not be available to you that hitherto were available during a normal betting.

You can play games on Bet9ja in-store (at Bet9ja shops) and online.


What if you can’t wait for weekend or every fortnight to bet?

You can still bet on Bet9ja using virtual bets.

Virtual bets work in a way that Bet9ja would create a virtual environment where the league matches would run in conditions like to the real world.

Instead of weekly, you would continue your bet after the end of a result.

This kind of bet is risky because you might not know the conditions that the match is operating under.

You should play this with caution.


There is the normal bets that you can bet with the conditions normal without the pressure of you having minutes to make decision.

This is the most popular bets on Bet9ja.

You have a lots of option to bet with the normal bets.

You can bet on tennis, football, basketball, casinos and politics.

If you need a competitor, here is one: Nairabet Review:Popular Nigerian Sports Bookmaker


Super9ja is a promotional effort by Bet9ja to reward their users.

You don’t need to bet any amount to win with Super9ja. All you need to do is predict the correct scores of six matches.

If you get the scores correctly, you’re entitled to N10,000,000 in jackpot prize. If more than one person predict the outcome correctly, they will share the jackpot prize among themselves.

You can also win a consolation prize if you’re among those who have the highest number of points during a Super9ja round. That means you would be in the top 20 and would share N365,000.


I checked the Google App Play store for a Bet9ja app. There is no app that is officially from KC.

But a Google search would show many websites that offer the Bet9ja.

Since there is no one from the owners of Bet9ja, I’ll advise that you use the website instead.


There is a feature in Bet9ja called Cash Out that enables you to cash out your bets before the bets is complete.

For instance, if you have some bets that you’re not sure would win, you can select Cash Out.

You would be paid that bet minus the odds.

Since the odds in Bet9ja is decimal, you would divide it by that odds and you get paid that amount.

For instance, you have a remaining match with an odds of 1.5 and you’re expected to win N170,000. When you do Cash Out, you would be paid N113,333.

Bet9ja is a cool way to make money without you sweating it out. This Bet9ja review hopefully would help you do that.

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