How To Buy Bitcoin with Credit card in Nigeria –

Buy Bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria or buy Bitcoin with MasterCard in Nigeria in 5 simple steps. Do you think this is possible? Yes, it absolutely is!

When I began trading in cryptocurrency; I lost my money to lots of third parties who assured me they were going to sell me cheap bitcoin in Nigeria. The offer was good and I wanted to escape the stress of signing up myself and buying it…. Long story cut short- I got scammed many times. Thus, losing my hard earned money.

Now, I love my readers and don’t want them to be ripped of their cash too and this is why I decided to create this post just for you and oh, it doesn’t matter if you are Nigerian too- It will work for you 100%.

I lost money trying to deal in cryptomonies because I wasn’t armed with the right knowledge. In fact, I didn’t know the right process to go about buying bitcoin in Nigeria with or without credit card(s).

However, here is the best news….

I will unveil several ways and methods on how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria with debit card wherever you are in Nigeria, Africa or the world:

Buying bitcoin from other merchants in Nigeria might appear faster, but you stand a chance of falling victim to scam. To avoid falling victim to crypto fraud in Nigeria, I recommend buying your BTC with credit card using Luno wallet.

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How To Buy Bitcoin with Credit card in Nigeria with Luno Wallet

If you are one of the many citizens who ask: How can I buy Bitcoin in Nigeria? Here is how

  • First, Sign up for an account by clicking Luno wallet.
  • Once that is done. Open your mail to Confirm your account registration
  • Then Verify your Account with an SMS code which will be sent to your device
  • Using your credit, debit or MasterCard, Deposit your funds
  • Finally, buy Bitcoin with card in your wallet

Now, before we move on, let’s learn about the best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria- Luno!

Luno (formerly referred to as BitX) is a Bitcoin exchange company with headquarters in London but with operations in South Africa, Nigeria, and 38 other countries. Currently, Luno supports Visa card, debit card, MasterCard from Nigerian banks and gladly accepts the Nigerian local currency.

Want to know the best part?

You won’t be charged for Dollar to Naira conversion before you buy Bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria!

Also, another really sweet thing about Luno is that, like Coinbase in Nigeria, you can easily buy bitcoin with instant funding or can also cash withdraw your Bitcoin as Naira into your local bank account.

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Luno is no doubt one of the cheapest bitcoin exchanger in Nigeria and they charge 1.5% transaction fee as payments per transaction.

How to buy Bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria with Picture Guide

  • The first step you need to carry out is to Visit Luno and set up an account…
  • Select the get started button to register a free account with Luno.
  • Once your registration is complete, a confirmation link will be mailed to you (check your email for it).
  • Once you see it in your inbox, click the link to conform your account.
  • It will redirect you to the website
  • Login (if it does not automatically log you in).
  • Once in, you will be required to verify your account through SMS code.
  • Tap the more button and proceed to deposit money.
  • Once the cash has been debited from your account, you will be redirected to the above page. Click the PayU icon to deposit your cash into your Luno wallet.
  • Type in the amount you want to pay and click next.
  • Proceed by clicking… Continue to PayU.
  • Type in all the necessary card details and click continue.
  • Your bank will send in an OTP to your phone to confirm, if it is really you doing the transaction or someone else.
  • Lastly, input the OTP from your bank verified phone number (within 5 minutes of receiving it) and click Next. You will be redirected to a “SUCCESS PAGE” and your account will be credited immediately.

It is time to exchange the deposited money to bitcoin

  • Refresh your wallet and return to Luno Nigeria homepage
  • There, you should see something like the above image, hit the bitcoin logo to proceed to the next page.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy. In this case Bitcoin, the same thing goes for Ethereum too if that’s what you want to buy.

Now,  input the Bitcoin equivalent in Naira and click the next button.

Lastly! Just click the confirm button and wait for your BTC wallet to be credited. Upon every transaction, a notification will be sent to your email to keep you Updated.

Other exchange to Buy Bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria or Trade Bitcoin You Might Want to Try

Below is a list of foreign exchangers that allow you to exchange bitcoin with other Altcoins using your credit card. They include but not limited to:

Binance has been and is still one of the best site to sell bitcoin in Nigeria. The platform allows you to trade and exchange every type of cryptocoin you can ever think of. They have a reputable of performing fast transaction processing and an easy to navigate and use platform to exchange your cryptocurrency.

Buying and selling cryptos like bitcoin dash, bitcoin, Altcoins is easy on Binance. In fact, I use a combination of  Luno and Binance together and life has been more easier.

How can I buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?

I simply buy Bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria on Luno and transfer it to my binnacle account. Once it arrives there, I can swiftly change it to other cryptocurrencies I want to buy. Once I make a significant profit, I exchange it back to bitcoin and I cash it out.

Cryptopia is another go to exchange site of mine and you too can easily use it here in Nigeria. I call it an AIO (All in one) platform. It has everything you will ever need when it comes to digital money trading. From trading platforms to exchange market and the main marketplace.

Also, their focus seems to be on user experience rather than being a stop by exchange site. Their site interface is simplest to use and is user friendly. They have virtually hundred and thousands of forks you can purchase at a cheap price and resell for profits in the nearest future.

Conclusively, now you know how to buy bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria + you can also use your debit and your MasterCard. Remember us and show support and love by sharing with family and friends.

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