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Dell Alienware 17 gaming laptop Review i7 4800MQ GTX 780M –

Alienware 17 gaming notebook review: The case is a beauty to behold and the fans direct air in a sensible and pleasing fashion that doesn’t leave the GPU or CPU too hot but also lacks the ability to make your ears bleed with deafening speeds. The 17.3” screen captures all the gaming moments and picture quality is amazing. I admit they could do better with the keyboard though but you’re getting an amazing deal if you pick the Dell Alienware 17 gaming laptop.


  • Clean and sophisticated design
  • A good keyboard and touchpad experience
  • A well-designed cooling system
  • An impressive display with excellent image quality and
  • Eye Tracking (available with the 4K display only)


  • Has a short battery life despite the large 99-Wh battery
  • Overclocking is possible through 3rd party software and BOIS too.

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Dell Alienware 17 gaming laptop Review i7 4800MQ GTX 780M

The Alienware head being matte black matched the palm rests and keyboard. For showoffs, it comes with the usual Alienware programmable light show, touchpad, keyboard backlight, and the alien head on the lid can be lit up and customized for color and be made to pulse.

The Alienware 17 gaming laptop boasts of a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 4800MQ and the 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M. With adequate 16GB of RAM, only the most demanding games will use medium settings. The 17 inch, 1920×1080 resolution matte screen may be disappointment to those who were in need of the newer 3200×1800 resolution which has yet to be adopted by current gaming laptops. As is typical for machines this power hungry, the Alienware will allow for approximately 4 hours of light use. During more intensive gaming, plugging in is mandatory. Overall, this is a high-end machine with lots of power for the enthusiastic gamer with deep pockets.

  • Design

The Alienware 17 gaming notebook packs NVIDIA’s shiny new desktop GPU into a sleek design that won’t break your back on the way to LAN parties. To a common gamer, this is minimal and taste is great.

To give an even thinner design, the company totally redesigned the internal cooling system. The chassis is made by anodizing an allow of aluminum and magnesium. The keyboard received an important update too.

The new chassis has made the dimensions even better too. But, the R4 has gained weight (from 3.7kg to 4.4kg). Just wait until you see how the cooling system looks like and you will understand why it’s so heavy”.

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  • Display

Our review unit for this Alienware 17 gaming laptop review i7 4800MQ GTX 780M has a 17.3-inch display available in 1080p, QHD or 4k resolution.

You could pick the standard Full-HD version that lacks the Tobii Eye Tracking Technology but offers an IPS display with better viewing angles.

The IPS panel’s 120GHz is built for gaming and, even though blacks did not appear quite as inky as the reviewer would have liked, colors looked balanced and viewing angles were great.

Now, the IPS display has a very good panel typical of high-end gaming laptops. With calibration, it’s fine for video and photo work for the web. The fast GPU in our GTX 1070 review model that allows for a solid 60 fps in today’s AAA titles, we saw very little tearing with Vsync enabled on the 60 Hz LG-Phillips panel when gaming”.

The Tobii Eye Tracking and 4K display is superb too. It allowed Mark to use his eyeline to destroy incoming asteroids with surprisingly great success.

  • Keyboard And Touchpad

The keyboard is fine but would have been better if it were moved closed to the palm rest area so the heat cannot be felt so much but on the other hand, your palms will rest comfortably on the big wrist area. An upgrade in the next variant would be great.

This gaming notebook has long key travel, customizable RGB illumination with separate zones, and 6 programmable macro keys, yet still no media control. It is hard to miss the LED-illuminated futuristic touchpad excellent gliding surface, accurate, responsive and slightly mushy dedicated mouse buttons.”

  • Performance

The Alienware 17 R4 is available with the 6th-generation Skylake quad-core 2.7HGz Core i7-6820HK processor that is said to be a high-performance chip with a relatively high consumption 45W TDP, matching its little sibling, the i7-6700HQ.

The Intel Core i7-6820HK with four cores is clocked at 2.7GHz and able to go up to 3.6GHz for one active core, 3.4GHz for two active cores, and 3.2GHz for four active cores. Powered by 8GB of VRAM and a GTX 1070 GPU, the Alienware 17 handle 1080p and 1440p gaming with no stress 4K will still be a stretch if you ramp up things such as anti-aliasing, but it will handle most games with aplomb.

Gaming tests reveal that the Alienware 17 gaming laptop achieved 59 fps with Full HD and maximum settings in “Grand Theft Auto V”, 55 fps with Full HD and maximum settings in “Tomb Raider”, and 84 fps for “Tom Clancy’s The Division”.

  • Heat And Noise

The CPU doesn’t go above 3.1GHz with 4 active cores during full load and is clocked at lower than usual frequencies.

The good news is that the GPU, eben our NVIDIA GTX 1070 version, does not get hot, nor does the CPU.

The good news is that the GPU, even our NVIDIA GTX 1070 version, does not run hot, nor does the CPU: When gaming, the CPU cores average at a relatively cool 65° Celsius, and the GPU at 62° Celsius, which are impressively low temperatures, even for a desktop replacement gaming notebook. Surface temperatures are never burning hot, the keyboard and deck are the warmest.

  • Battery

The Alienware 17 R4 with the 99-Whr battery and NVIDIA Optimus averages 6 to 6.5 hours of mixed productivity and streaming video use at 33 percent brightness.

It lasted:
4 hours and 27 minutes while browsing the internet
3 hours and 41 minutes for video playback
54 minutes for gaming without the power source.

Dell Alienware 17 Gaming laptop Review i7 4800MQ GTX 7800M Conclusion

The Alienware 17 gaming notebook will appeal to content creators, hardcore gamers, and to those who love to keep it modest with a Full HD screen.

With it’s high class design adavantages and feature upgrades, the Alienware 17 R4 is said to be a great laptop for gamers.

What do you think of our Alienware 17 gaming laptop review i7 4800MQ GTX 780M? Did we miss anything?

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