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You landed here because you want to know how to borrow data on Airtel ng which is totally possible if you know how.

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How can I borrow from Airtel network?

By dialing Airtel USSD code *121# or *500# or by simply dialing 14495. It’s as easy as that. However, like MTN, GLO and Etisalat, terms and conditions apply greatly! You have to be qualified before your request after dialing code to borrow data from Airtel Nigeria can be granted.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the fast rising mobile operations in our Nation. Although they have a good foothold in India, NG seems to be a place where their services are valued the most. Because of this they have allowed people know how to borrow airtime from Airtel without paying back and how to borrow Airtime from Airtel and keep surfing the internet. This is why we love them so much.

How to Borrow Data on Airtel Nigeria

Data borrowing can be done using any of the two codes:

  • *500#
  • *121#

How to Borrow Data from Airtel

To know how to borrow data through Airtel NG, simply follow and complete the instruction below:

  • Pick up your phone to borrow data through Airtel Nigeria, dial *500#
  • Select Option 3 to Borrow Data
  • Select the amount of data you want from the option made available to you.

How to borrow airtime from Airtel Borrowing of airtime is also easy and can be done without stress. This service is called Airtel Talk Time Advance. It is possible you run out of airtime in the worst of moments, so this service provides you an opportunity to carry out urgent calls when such a situation occurs.

You can purchase Airtel Nigeria airtime for the following naira denomination:

  • N50
  • N100
  • N200
  • N500

Or you can just take a simpler approach, by dialing:

  • *500*50# for N50 airtime
  • *500*100# for N100 airtime
  • *500*200# for N200 airtime
  • *500*500# for N500 airtime

As earlier stated, there are terms and conditions that follow how to borrow data on Airtel Network; these terms are otherwise called eligibility criteria and they include:

Terms & Conditions: How to be eligible to borrow credit from Airtel

  • You must have been an active subscriber on the Airtel network for a period of at least 3 months or (90 days).
  • You must load Airtime on your AIRTEL line regularly.
  • Your Airtel Line must be correctly registered and actively used.
  • You must have settled any unpaid Auto Credit airtime. This must have been settled by you first before applying again.
  • The amount you will receive will have 15% service charge deducted. That is, if you request for N100 credit, your phone will be credited with N70 while N30 goes to Airtel as service charge.

Do you meet all of their requirements?

Congrats! You can now proceed to borrow data from Airtel using the guide below:

How to borrow from Airtelf

By using any of the following USSD codes: *500#, *121# or by Dialing 14495 and following the instructions

Now that you know the best ways on how to borrow data on Airtel Nigeria! Ensure you spread the love.

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