How to Fix Fitbit Aria Won’t Sync Problem – It Works! –

Our search for solution began when our Fitbit aria won’t sync with our device. At first, it was working and then later the aria scale stopped syncing with my fitbit application on IPhone and also my friend’s fitbit. There are no errors displayed in the app.

We cleared the junk off the Iphone as told, but it still doesn’t work. Luckily we found a solution to this and we are sharing it below.

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How to Fix Fitbit Aria Won’t Sync Problem

First, if you haven’t setup the Aria Air, or cannot sync it. Kindly verify that the mobile device you are using, has Bluetooth on.

Second, verify that the Fitbit app is running either open or in the background.

Third, Check that your smartphone or device is not on Don’t Disturb Mode (Silence) or airplane mode and that the Battery Saving Mode is off .

Ensure your Fitbit app is up to date.

When synching devices, we advise that you use a recommended one. Remember, that if there are other scale user’s closeby, they should have the Bluetooth of their devices off.

And that is how to fix your Fitbit Aria won’t sync connection problem.

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Why can’t I Set Up My Fitbit Device?

Your Aria Air might be posing problems if:

It has different users linked to it, please take away other accounts from the scale.

If the error continues, please restart your scale machine. TO do this: Please hold the inductive button for 5 seconds (you’ll find a picture of it bellow) you should see on the display this message : oTA. Release the button, and press it again until you see on the display clr.

After restarting the scale, restart your mobile device (off /on)

Then, please setup the scale again to your account!

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Did this work for you? Share your experience with us by using the comment section below!

Why Can’t I Set Up My Fitbit Device?

If you cannot setup your Fitbit Device, ensure you do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the following:
    • Charge 4 charging cable that came in the box with your device.
    • UL-certified wall charger. Note: Don’t plug the charging cable into a USB hub or computer for these troubleshooting steps.
  2. Before you begin, ensure your device is connected securely to the charging cable:
    • Clip the end of the charging cable to the port on the back of Charge 4.
    • Ensure the pins on the charging clip lock securely and safely with the gold contacts on the back of the tracker.
    • Ensure the device is centered in the charging cable and that the button on the side of Charge 4 is visible through the side of the clip.
    • When the connection is secure, Charge 4 vibrates, and a battery icon appears on the screen. Note: You may have to adjust the tracker into the correct position in the charging cable.

What If I have Tired Everything and It Still Doesn’t Work?

If you have tried everything and it still doesn’t work. Try this: Remove the scale and reinstall it.

Let me know if you find out anything about Fitbit Aria won’t sync problem.


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