How to Win Tanks on iMessage – Quick! –

Putting on your game face is one of the few how to win tanks on IMessage tricks discussed here. Let’s find out about the rules and gameplay to follow that can secure your win in the game.

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Gameplay and Rules

1. The first step to beating your opponent is actually picking a familiar terrain to operate on. Basically, there are 2 types valley and flat
2. Before beginning any challenge, you will be asked to tap on target practice to prepare yourself well for the game….
3. To win the multi-player challenge, you have to get the highest number of multi-player challenge.

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How to Win Tanks on iMessage

Your chances of winning tanks on IMessage depends on how quick you react and how well you an predict moves from other player.
There are a couple of things which will however give you an advantage over your competitors and they include:
1. Always practice for long periods before you compete. Enough practice will get you familiar with how the game fully works. There are hidden moves, secrets, and tricks that are best known and exploited before using them during a competitive game play.
2. When battling, select the Dirt Mover, point your barrel to 270 degrees. Set power to around 100 and then release your shot. The shot will go with power and end up in you being halfway through making a banker.
3. Create cool magical wall inside your banker to protect it. This protects you from underground attacks.
4. When defending your tank from the missiles fired by enemies, shoot a Dirt SLinger in the air at 90 degrees. Your tank will be kept safe by dirt therefore reducing significantly damage encountered.
5. When deciding where to play, pick an area that will board well with your presently owned tank. Avoid going for the valley when not well prepared.
6. Ensure you strategically select your opponents. The level of competition you get will determine how well your skill get developed. At your starting stage, begin with less experienced players as you work your way up. Great players understand a thing or 2 so your preparations has to be strong to beat them.

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