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Information About Air Compressors Discussed In Short

11.01.12 / Uncategorized / Author: vincent
Tags: air compressor, air compressors, contemporary air compressor

If you think about it, air compressors have actually been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Okay it would be fair to say that the mechanics that used to be used for compressing air have little in common with the contemporary air compressor. Nevertheless, the fundamental theory is the same and without the ancient air compressors, civilization would not have progressed nearly as fast it has. One of the principal uses for compressed air was to amplify the heat in a furnace. The operative of a forge would use a bellows to blast the compressed air into the furnace to strengthen the heat.

When the industrial revolution began the true modern day mechanical air compressor first saw the light. Engines running from steam power became the normal method with which to power an air compressor. In fact, one of the first uses of a steam powered air compressor was in underwater diving equipment. This allowed people to contemplate entire new theories regarding under water exploration and even underwater building. The compressed air was pumped down to a diver and thus it could extend their time below the surface. Compressed air was also found to be a far less dangerous power source for early pneumatic tools and drills. For instance, early rock drills were power driven by steam. Yet, hot steam is seriously hazardous when compared to mere compressed air. A broken steam line can kill or gravely wound a worker while compressed air is comparatively gentle. And so steam powered rock drills ultimately gave way to drills driven by air compressors.

When the internal combustion engine began to increase in status they became the primary power supply for air compressors. Nowadays, petrol driven engines are frequently used in piston type air compressors. This is the normal sort of air compressor you might find in your garage or car service centre. The petrol driven compressor uses a crankshaft and piston. As the piston moves into the down stroke position, air flows into the cylinder on the low pressure end. When the upstroke begins, air moves into the high pressure chamber and we get the most common type of compressed air.

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