Profitable & Low Competitive Niches for Nigerian Bloggers –

Do you know that there are still a lot of hot,untapped and latest blog niches that make money in Nigeria but bloggers underrate them?

Yes, Numerous topics are no way to be found on the internet even though there are tons of readers searching for them.They are even profitable and hot blog niches than those competitive ones

Underrating is not a new song in Nigeria,everyone practice it in Nigeria ranging from schools to sport politics e.t.c. But it is a pity underrating extended its range from reality to global online world.

We have so many untapped niches here in Nigeria but since Nigerians are known for putting their eggs in one basket,not even the person writing this article is free from this.

Are you willing to start a new blog but you are in a dilemma on which niche to use, I will advise you to start a new thing by using these niches,stop dubbing ogbonge/Lindaikeji.

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Low Competitive Niches for Nigerian Bloggers

Here goes the untapped niches :

  • Pets:

We all have pets and we want to do our best in taking care of them,millions search for more informations about pets everyday most especially foreigners.

Are you a vertinary doctor or a zoologist and you know few things about pet and you are confused to go for a niche blog vs general blog but you also want to copy others by joining the competition for popular niches,why can’t you create a blog on this niche ?

Am quite sure you will get enough readers giving them topics like :

Reasons why your dog isn’t growing e.t.c.

Note: If you don’t know anything about this niche,don’t use it. It is garbage in garbage out

  • Graphics and design :

Imagine how someone willing to learn graphics and design for huge some of money at any IT Centres sees your blog taking thesame tutorial for free online, such person may even start paying you for your hardwork.

I know the question currently running in your mind

How will i make money with it since adsense may not consider me?

Jumia affliate/other affliates is the best option,you can be a marketer for computer accessories

  • Food:

Every one must eat at least twice a day under normal condition except if you are fasting,we have different body structures and we have different types of foods we must take in e.g. A man above 40 mustn’t take too much of maggi e.t.c.

It is a pity many don’t know these things,what about you that knows more about foods educating them?

What an awesome niche and this is also an easy way to make money blogging for beginners!!!

  • TV/Movies:

Records has it that Nigerians are movies freaks, they often buy the latest and download high rated movies in the world.

Creating a blog for them to know and discuss about new nollywood,bollywood,hollywood movies will be a bit helpful you know and you will even make money blogging for free.

  • Travel:

Nigerians travel abroad in thousands even those that haven’t travelled overseas are praying to do so,it won’t be a bad option if you can create a blog that tutor them.

Airlines dealers can even advertise on your blog which will help you make money travel blogging

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