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Nairabet Review – BONUS, SURE ODDS and CASH OUT! –

This Nairabet review would help you decide whether you should bet with them or not.

Nairabet is Nigeria’s first online betting platform.

Before it came, Nigerians use to bet with platforms run in countries like the United Kingdom.

Nairabet changed betting forever in Nigeria. It is the first betting platform in Nigeria that allows one to bet on the three outcome of a match win, lose or draw.

Its founder Akin Alabi decide to start Nairabet after he saw a similar system in the United Kingdom in 2009.

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It is important that you understand how Nairabet works before betting with them. This Nairabet review would explain the things you need to know. But first know that…

The most important is knowing its odds system.



Nairabet use the Decimal Odds. Most punters call it the European Odds.

Decimals are those numbers that have point in them. For instance this number “7.3” is a decimal.

Instead of odds that are in fractions that would need you to use complicated calculations or a tool, you would just multiply the way you multiply any number.

To calculate your payout, you multiply your stake by the odds. In clearer terms:

The Odds X Your Stake = Your Payout

For instance, if you are backing Chelsea to draw with a decimal odds of 2.34 and your stake is N1000, your payout would be N2340. You would go home with N1340 as your profit.

The higher your stake, the more you would win. This is common sense though.

Since Nairabet has done the major lifting for you, you need not worry about calculating odds. You only calculate in the case of dispute.


You can bet on Nairabet in Nairabet shops or on their online portal.

An account creation is easy to do, all you have to do is provide your email address. Just like you signing up on Facebook.

You would then need to verify your email. When you do that, you can now bet on Nairabet without any problem.


There are various ways that you can fund your Nairabet account.

The in-store option allow you to fund your account from a Nairabet shop. This option is free.

You can also fund your Nairabet account with your debit card. This option is free.

Quickteller allow you to fund from your Quickteller account. You would be charged N105 for using this option. You would need to get the Quickteller code for Nairabet before funding.

You can also fund your account by paying directly into Nairabet bank account. You would get the account number from your account when you select the bank deposit method.

The easiest way to fund is using your debit card to fund.

The steps are:

  • Navigating to the “My Account” section and select “Deposit”.
  • Select Cards.
  • Insert the amount you want to deposit and select “Next”.
  • Select your card type.
  • Select “Agree with policy and Make Payment”.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

The minimum amount you can deposit is N100.


There are various ways to bet on the Nairabet platform.

This section of the Nairabet company offerings would explain them to you so you maximise your chances of winning with Nairabet.


This is the normal bets that you can bet without losing your mind.

This is the most popular bets on Nairabet.

You can bet on any sporting events or even casinos.


Nairabet being the premier betting platform in Nigeria know what it means when you have to wait for weekend before betting.

So instead of wating till weekend…

You can bet on Nairabet using virtual bets.

Virtual bets work in a way that there is a virtual league similar to the Premier league and the La Liga you watch.

You would select a match like the way you do when betting normally.

Instead of waiting for the weekend to end, you would wait for not more than two minutes to get the result.

The only problem is winning with this form is inconsistent, you have to be careful.


Live bet allows you to bet on an ongoing event on Nairabet.

You can choose what will be the outcome of the game while the game is still going on.

You can bet on any sporting event. From football to basketball. But it still have to be ongoing.

Some features that you would be able to choose before the match would not be available.


I checked the Google App Play store for a Nairabet app. There is an app that looks similar to Nairabet.

It has as the publisher. The app has some good reviews.

Since the app didn’t show that Nairaland as the official publisher, I would warn you use only the online web app or Nairabet shops to bet.


Nairabet introduced a feature where they promise to give you 10% of your bets if a game made you lose your bets.

When you do accumulator bet, the kind of bets that you combine different events, you would lose your bets even if it is one match that spoilt it.

With this feature of Nairabet, you would get 10% of your tickets.

For instance, you played a 11 game accumulator with N150 and the expected pay out was N150,000. If the bonus is N35,000. You would subtract the N35,000 from N150,000. You would be left with N115,000. From that amount you would divide it by the implicating odds.

If the implicating odds is 1.3, you would divide that N115,000 by the 1.3. That would give you N80,000. Then you would divide that by 10 to give you N8,000.

You only qualify for this offer if you have a minimum accumulator of 10 and a minimum odds of 1.2.


Nairabet also have an option that allows you to get back your stake if you bet on the three possible outcome of a match if the match ends in a goalless draw.

This is only available on the English League.


You can cash out after you win by requesting to cash out.

However, the name on your account should match the name on your bank account.

This Nairabet review shows you the easiest ways to make money from betting on football. You should have no problem betting on Nairabet again.


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