Top 5 Reasons to Choose Adsense over Affiliate Marketing –

When bloggers think of monetizing their blogs,many are always in dilemma to choose between ” Affiliate vs Adsense ”

The goodnews is that there is no need to versus them,both can work together just that you are advised to remove affiliate when you wish to apply for adsense.

Even though they can both work together there are still advantages Adsense has over Affiliate marketing,many do complain too that they hate adsense .

And this is why am bringing you the “top 5 reasons why you should choose adsense over affiliates”

1.Unstable ads: Unlike affliiates banners and links that will keep displaying like a stagnant water,adsense banners and texts will always change when a page is refreshed.

Stale images are boring to readers eyes and that’s an edge adsense have over affiliates

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2.Fraudulent revenue calculations by affiliate companies : I won’t like to mention names here,some Affiliates companies are bundle of hungry fraudsters who will in any way manipulate clicks to favour them and this is one thing we all know adsense can never practice that.

3.Affiliate company may fold up when it’s time to withdraw your revenue : Google adsense can never fold up with unpaid allowances,they are reputable and known as an adnetwork but Affiliate marketers are unpredictable since it is a company and their main target is not an affiliate but to promote their company.

They may close their portal without further notice and wön’t pay you

What are you going to do?

Carry naija police go arrest them for oversea?

4.Adsense doesn’t display popup ads unlike most adnetworks:

Remember as from next year as stated earlier by google team,site with pop-up ads will be purnished.

Displaying adnetwork pop-up banners may decrease your s.e.o ranking so always do well to play your games well

5.Nice control panel that will help to target your ads: There are more than enough menus in your panel that will help to target your ads but no affliate company can match adsense control panel,NEVER!!!!

They will dislay number of clicks and that’s all

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