SEO For San Diego Dentists website

SEO For San Diego Dentists website

This article is parenthetically the type of results an honest SEO will turn out. Yes the SEO was Me, and yes it may be seen as self serving, however i believe it conjointly shows how sensible SEO can have a profound impact on a business. I also believe that folks or businesses considering SEO would have an interest within the results. i’ll write a commentary next, of how SEO did not work therefore well and what happened. i’m doing SEO on few websites for a realtors in san diego
, its part of an outsized project doing four totally different websites.

This dentist has had an internet site for three years, and never had a patient from come to him when seeing his site, but additionally his site was only getting regarding 10-15 visitors a month. So first, I had his web site rebuilt with a professional style. I optimized the positioning for just a couple of highly targeted keywords, the procedures that he loves doing as well as Braces and Implants. among two months the location had 703 visitors to the positioning since it opened, honestly I have to admit, most likely about a hundred of those visitors are Me, working on the SEO on the CMS that runs the positioning…

This is a timeline of recent patients. the site opened on January 24th ’09.

January: No new patients in the first seven days, no huge surprises there…
February: two new patients one for Braces, and one for Emergency Weekend Dental Care in san diego search engine marketing

March: 2009…

Wait for it… Drum roll Please, 403 visitors in March …. not that impressive huh…. ok, undrum roll that… what is spectacular, and a very massive drum roll now, is that the range of recent patients, this Dentist Received, via his web site… sixteen new patients. sixteen guests became patients within the month of March, that is a whopping four-dimensional of visitors all visitors to his website for March, became new patients. that’s pretty darn spectacular huh…A majority of the SEO work was done at intervals four months of the positioning gap.

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