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Are you at level already and having a go at the little quests and stuff and came across the Blessed Thistle and columbine?

So, you decided to mix it with the correct water and made a tincture of stamina instead of a SIP of stamina potion recipe ESO? Trying to figure out what you did wrong?

Well, the answer is simple, clearly you used the wrong kind of water. You need to use “Natural Water” (for LV3 pots) for a sip, you used “Clear Water” (for LV10 pots) and got a tincture.

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Sip of Stamina Recipe

The SIP of stamina alchemy is one of the multiple items requested for early alchemy crafting writs.

Creation of the sip of stamina ESO is quite simple as all you need is Natural Water and one of the combinations listed below:

Dragonthorn, Mountain Flower

Dragonthorn, Columbine

Blessed Thistle, Mountain Flower

Blessed Thistle, Columbine

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The easiest ESO sip of stamina recipe is: Natural Water, Blessed Thistle and Columbine.

Stamina SIP item information

Potion is meant to be consumed

Restore an additional 30 Stamina over 10 seconds (30 second cooldown)

Restores 44 Stamina in seconds.

Required Level: 3


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