Tips To House Train Pot Belly Pigs

Tips To House Train Pot Belly Pigs

Pot belly pigs serve as a pet to a number of pig lover all around the world. You can easily house train them as pets; however the main question that keeps people interested is how and why to house train these pigs as pets.
Pigs are intelligent and playful animals that require a lot of attention. Many people might wonder why should they be raising pot belly pigs as pets, in case you linger with the same question, the rest to come will satisfactorily answer your question. Pot belly pigs are social animals and they can be easily trained as pets. They have an added intelligence and they are quick learners too. When dealt with love and patience, they can come out in flying colors as pets that you would love. Pigs are playful and adventurous and this always keeps your house alive, with fun.

The pot belly pigs when trained with utmost patience, serves as a very obedient pet and becomes a part of your family alike dogs. They are generally neat animals with no odor. However, you should always buy one; you mean to rise as a pet, from a good breeder and should buy a miniature pig that is less bulky than the other pigs, serving some different purpose. Some of the tips to house train the pot belly pigs are given in the rest to come.

• To begin with, if you are planning to raise pot belly pigs as pets, learn to be patient and appreciative, otherwise get ready to face a rebellious pet. Keep your new pig, yet to be a pet, in small confined areas in your beginnings.

• Set a time for their meals on a regular basis that gives them a fair amount of idea about the time, that would a snack time for them.
• Mark a few words associated with their urination and defecation. This makes the pig understand eventually that you are commanding it to do the same. This ways your pet learns basic manners. Always be very applauding when your pigs goes out of the house to urinate. This appreciation will make it habitual for your animal to go out always.

• Pot belly pigs are social animals, so eventually take them out for walks, along with you.
• Remember, not to get physically violent with your pot belly pigs. Use other methods like yell loudly at them and ask them to go away, when they indulge in some damage to your property. This will make your pigs eventually understand what house manners are and which things the pig should not be doing.
• Once you do this much with love, patience and appreciation your pot belly pig will be doing lesser things that are destructive. In case, your pig seems to be getting involved in such habits frequently, start the house training process again.

Thus, pot belly pigs serves as a source of a resourceful and an obedient pet, that can take care of your house, whenever you are not around.

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