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Zenith bank transfer code has simplified the process of how to transfer money from zenith bank through phone. With its launch of the *996# code, customers can now make transfers, airtime recharge, check their account balance and plenty more.

Other uses of the Zenith bank transfer code involve: payment of regular DSTV subscription, Electric bill, GOTV subscription etc., the code can also be used to create a new Zenith bank account through *966*0#  and following the instructions thereafter carefully- Upon confirmation, an account number will be generated for you.

However, you may still need to visit one of their Nigerian branches before your Zenith bank daily transfer limit can be lifted off. Also, the Zenith bank balanced code can be used to check how much money you have in your bank account and the “996 CODE” can still be used to recharge your line and your friends and family mobile number.

Techknowmoto presents to you step-by-step guide on how to transfer money from Zenith bank through phone to other banks using the *919# code for other purposes.

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How to Transfer Money with Zenith Bank Transfer Code through Phone

How can I transfer money from Zenith bank to other banks?

No more wasting of time and resources to visit the bank to carry out transactions- Kiss those days good bye!

All you need to do this is the All-in-one zenith bank transfer code which is *966*amount*account number# to transfer money from zenith bank account to another zenith bank account.

Remember: *966*amount*account number#,

For example, *966*5000*1234512345# will transfer NGN5,000 to that account number.

We hope we have answered your question on:

  • How to transfer money from one Zenith Bank account to another through Zenith Bank USSD Mobile Money transfer code
  • How to check Zenith Bank account Balance on phone
  • How to recharge your phone with Zenith Bank Mobile Money recharge code.
  • First Bank Transfer Code

If not….Read on

How To Transfer Money from Zenith Bank To Other banks

Dial *966*amount*account number# to transfer money from zenith bank account to other banks.

How to open a new account with Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Like UBA bank, Zenith bank saves you the stress of going to their bank branches to open a new account. By dialling *966*0# and following carefully each step after another, a ten digit account number will be sent to your phone via SMS. This 10 digit pin is your new account.

Remember, dial *966*0#

How to Check Account Balance with Zenith Bank Transfer Code

You no longer have to visit the bank ATM or mail your account manager to check your account balance; simply follow the on-menu guide via the Zenith bank transfer code through dialling *996*00# on the phone number registered with your zenith bank account, i.e phone you use in receiving transaction alert from your account.

Remember: *966*00#

How to Do Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge with Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Never again should you run out of airtime if you run an active account with Zenith bank, the reason is because Zenith bank has made this process easy.

If you have sufficient funds in your account, simply dial *966*amount# on your phone to recharge yourself, make sure you dial this code from the phone number registered with your zenith bank account number, not any other phone.

For Example: *966*200#

Also, If you wish to recharge another person directly from your zenith bank account, simply dial *966*amount*account number# from your registered number to recharge the person.

Note:  Put the number of the recipient and not yours there.

For Example: *966*200*08012341234#….. “08012341234” is the receiver’s number

Zenith bank code USSD code can perform all of this and more

The zenith bank USSD Code is capable of making your mobile banking experience smooth and it does not require internet connection.

The Zenith Bank transfer code can be used on any GSM enabled  phone, either the phone is java, SYMBIAN, IPhone, Windows or android.



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